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As you can probaly see ive got a hetalia x reader obession

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Hetalia or any of its characters nor do I own you.
A/n: in case you don’t know (s/c) = skin color, (e/c)=eye color, (h/c)= hair color, (y/h)= your height, also I will be switching P.O.V.s throughout the whole story. Please understand that this is my first reader insert, so I’m sorry if it sucks or if it’s too OOC. The characters in this story are regular humans not countries. Another thing, I don't know Italian so I'll be using Google translate but feel free to correct any of my mistakes Italian or English, i accept constructive criticism .

Readers P.O.V.

        (Name) sighed in relief as she walked off the plane ‘stupid jet lag’ she thought 'at least I’m finally in Italy’. (Name) came to Italy after being invited by her best friend, Feliciano. She didn't even have a choice in the matter considering the bubbly Italian wouldn't take no for an answer and threatened to fly over to (country) and drag her to Italy himself. Although it’s not like she was going to pass up a free trip to Italy.

Stretching out her muscles, (Name) let out a sigh of relief, happy to finally be done with her newest book ahead of time.

“I think this is my best one yet, don’t you think.” she exclaimed happily, turning to look at her dog Blackie, a German Shepherd whom she received from her (adopted) older brother as a moving away gift. Agreeing with her, he barked in return.

“Haha yea i think you're right, well all i need to do now is transport it from my phone and send it off to my publisher,” she looked through her smart phone for the final script. “After all this, i deserve a break.”

Almost as if responding to her statement, her phone rang. (insert ringtone)

“Hello? Who’s this?” She answered not looking at her caller ID.

“Ciao bella, it’s-a me Feliciano! Veh~ How is everything going with your new book!?”

“Oh hey Feli! It’s going great, as a matter of fact i just finished!”

“Really!?!? That’s perfect, well then you have to come to Italy and visit. It’s been awhile since i’ve seen you and i really want you to meet my fratello!”

“What?! I don’t know Feli, as nice as that would be, it’s kind of sudden. Besides i just got finished with my book and-”

“That even more of a reason for you to come! (Name), you need a break! You wouldn’t even have to worry about anything. Everything would be paid for. You don’t even have to bring anything, just yourself. As a matter of fact i forbid you from bringing any luggage!”

“But Feli-”

“(NAAAAAAAMMMMMMMEEEE)!!!!! You have to, if you don’t, i’ll go to (country) and bring you to Italy myself.”









*sigh* Fine i’ll go.” ‘The Pasta Attack’ as she liked to call it, always worked, it’s super effective. ‘I don’t even know why i try.’

“-AAAAaaaa wha- Yay!!! Okay then, start packing bella! I already have everything prepared and paid for, i’ve sent you the information by email- Ahhhh dio mio the pastas burning! Gotta go (Name) i'll see you tomorrow, Ciao! *beep*

“ Eh? Wait a second, tommorow? Feliciano?!?!?!” She stared at her phone realizing he already hung up. “Ugh, that's crazy!!”

After checking her email confirming that the departure was tomorrow, she rushed to go to pack. Leaving her earlier task forgotten.

*Flashback end*

She stood there clad in a white dress and sun hat. After remembering where she was, she quickly regained energy and excitedly continued out of the airport to explore town before Feliciano came to pick her up.

(Name) decided that it would be best if she called Feliciano before he started to worry, but before she could, her phone rang. (insert ringtone)

“Hello” she answered.

“Ciao, (nickname) are you in Italy yet, veh~” Feliciano said in his accented voice, bubbly as ever.

“Yea Feli, I was just going to call you” she giggled at how excited he sounded, “Anyway, I was thinking of exploring town for a bit before you pick me up.”

“Ah~ sure thing bella, I’ll be there in around 40 minutes, si!? Just meet me at “Little Italy”, it’s a small café; it shouldn't be too far from the airport. Ciao!” *beep* the Italian rambled out and hung up before she could reply.

“Um…. Okay.” (Name) mumbled out with the phone still by her ear, and awkwardly put her phone into her bag. She sighed before continuing her venture through town.

*Time skip (brought to you by PASTAAAAAAAA!!!!)

After walking around and visiting the shops for a while, (Name) came across a large old fountain called ‘Trevi fountain’. She stared at it in awe, amazed by the huge piece of artwork. She was awaken from her thoughts by a harsh shove against her back and found herself falling into the fountain. Now drenched in water, she looked up to find a worried young man with a look of guilt on his face, as he was bending down to help her up.

“Oh mio dio, mi dispiace tanto bella,”  he said as she took his hand.

"Eh? It's fine don't worry. Uh... Va bene non ti preoccupare!" She wracked her brain to translate his words hoping she responded correctly.

"No no bella, your clothes are drenched in water, that won't do. Come! I shall give you some clothes to change in. My shop is not to far from here." He grabbed her hand and started dragging her away from the fountain as he rambled on about his shop and what he was doing at the fountain. (Name) stared at him, confusion apparent on her face, as everything was happening too quickly.

"Wha- ah you can speak English!?" she was shocked, she thought  he was only able to speak Italian! He stopped for a second to look at her .

"Of course, I was speaking English just a minute ago wasn't I?" He states obviously before he continued talking as he walked to his shop.

"....yea" she mumbled quietly deciding to just stay quiet for awhile as they walked to their destination (more like dragged on her part)

*Time-skip (brought to you by the strange Italian man)

"Has anyone ever told you that your eyes are so beau-"

"Hey is this it? You're store I mean." (name) interrupted him.

"Huh? Oh what do you know, it is. Well come inside bella don't be shy!" She sighed in relief as he said that, happy he stopped his endless flirting.

He opened the door to the small building and winked at her as he mumbled out a 'ladies first' loud enough for her to hear. (Name) walked inside and looked around surprised to find a lot of jewelry. But after thinking about it for a bit she realized it wasn't all that surprising ' I bet this is all so he can flirt with girls, i hate to admit it but, it's pretty smart.'

"A jewelry store?" She raised her eyebrow.

"Of course, that way I can see all the Belle ragazze." he smirked as he said that, only to confirm her suspicions. The Italian man walked behind the front desk and pulled out what seemed to be a bundle of clothes and handed them to her.

"Here you go bella, you can go ahead and change in the bathroom right over there." He gestured towards the back as she took the clothing.

"Okay thanks" She walked to bathroom to change.

*Short Time Skip

After changing into a white button up shirt, which luckily wasn't see through, and long black slacks with a belt, she turned to a mirror and saw that they were baggy on her. ‘I look like a guy, *sigh* at least it's only for now, i can change once I get to Feliciano's place’. She put her clothes in a small cargo bag she carried, her only luggage, seeing how Feli told her not to bring much but herself. (Name) walked out of the bathroom only to meet the mans face filled with disappointment.

"Oh no i'm sorry I don't have clothes that fit you. It’s a shame, those clothes hide all your curves," he sighed, but a smirk soon made it's way to his face. "but you know having a bella ragazza such as yourself wear my clothes fills my heart with joy."

"Are they alright? The pants aren't too big are they bella?" He got closer to 'examine' her.

"No, no they're fine it's actually quite comfortable" she reassured the man who was now a little too close for comfort.

"Well you know bella... You're welcome inside my pants anytime you want." He whispered that last part in her ear.

"Uh well thanks for the offer but that won't be necessary, you see I... I have my own pants." She said as she backed heading for the door.

"... Anyway I think I'll get going, thanks for the clothes, I'll be sure to return them to you later." She said as she put her hair into her hat, since it was still wet and she didn't want to get sick.

"Well bye, I'll see you later uh..."

"Romeo, and may I know the name of the bella donna right before me?"  Bowing a little as he kissed her hand.

"It's (Name) and I should really get going." She pulled her hands away cradling it against her chest. Giving him a nervous smile she turned to leave.

"Oh wait a second, you wouldn't by any chance happen to know where Little Italy is would you?"

"Well of course bella it's actually the building right behind mine, my cousins own the place. Would you like me to walk you over-"

"NO, I mean, thank you but that really won't be necessary you've already done a lot. Anyway I should REALLY get going it was nice meeting you Romeo" she said desperate to get away from the flirtatious Italian. He was good looking and everything but he was way too pushy for her tastes.

"Ciao bella come back anytime!" He spoke as she walked out.

"Ciao" (name) went on her way heading through the streets of Italy unaware of what was coming.

*Time Skip ( brought to you by squashed tomatoes )

(Name) continued down the streets of Italy absentmindedly, heading to the small cafe. She recalled what Romeo had mentioned earlier. ‘ So his cousins own the place, Huh?’ she sighed for the hundredth time that day,
‘Well i certainly hope that they’re not persistent flirts like him.’

For the second time that day, she was awaken from her thoughts by a shove, which was strange considering the streets weren't that crowded, but didn't give it much thought at the time. She turned around to look at the stranger, but didn't see anyone there. Thinking nothing of it she turned back around and continued on her way to the cafe.

To be continued.... Maybe
Mi Dispiace- Romano x reader ch. 1

Soooo, i mayor may not continue this story. Honestly i wasn't even 100% about posting it, but why the hell not?Tomoko Spinning Icon  so let me know what you guys think. Feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated!Yato-all for 5 yenes 

i don't own anything but the story/idea
picture can be found 

Translation Key:

bella- beautiful

donna- woman

Va bene non ti preoccupare- it’s fine don’t worry

fratello- brother

mio dio- my god

mi dispiace tanto- i’m so sorry



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